Therapy Pricing

Reiki full 60 minute therapy session $60.00

Kundalini Reiki Therapy   20 minutes $35.00

Chakra Balancing 15 minutes  $25.00

Crystal Fusion Therapy  30 minutes $45.00

Travel charges are .50/mile charged one way only

Kundalini Reiki attunements are done remotely

Distant Reiki Therapy via phone 25 minutes$25.00

Distant Reiki/timed intentions after contact $15.00

Kundalini Boosters 1-2-3   $25.00

Kundalini Reiki Boosters 4-5-6   $25.00

Gold Reiki Level 1-2-3    $25.00

Ethereal Crystals 1 – 6 attunements   $50.00

Crystalline Reiki: In person only2 sessions$   50.00

(Crystalline Reiki is suspended until the coronavirus social distancing has resolved itself.)

See below for explanation of these therapies

Chakra Balancing

chakra balancing


The Chakras are the areas of the highest density of energy and therefore the easiest place to exchange energy with the outside world. To those people who can see energy, Chakras may look like spinning balls or wheels of life, hence the name. I myself see the colors of the Chakras that are closed or spinning slowly when I touch you while doing Chakra balancing. There are seven major Chakras. The Chakras are numbered from the first chakra which is the base/root chakra up to the seventh ending at the crown. When you’re feeling anxious or unwell or not following your path in life,your Chakras may shift way out of alignment and if left untreated take a long time to realign.

Let me balance your Chakras and receive Free Reiki Energetic Touch.  
In person or distance.

Crystal Fusion Therapy

crystal fusion therapy

Let me make you whole again as I lift your Etheric body out of your human body, bring it into balance, return it and unite both bodies using your feminine and masculine sides with crystals into a state of unified harmony. All the way from your Earth Star Chakra to your Soul Star Chakra, you will feel lighter and happier on a level you have not experienced before.

This healing lasts 25 – 35 minutes and is done in person or online with video call.

Boosters and Extras

Kundalini Reiki Boosters and other beneficial supplemental attunements. You must be attuned to Kundalini levels 1, 2 and 3 to receive these attunements. After you have completed all attunements, you can pass them on to others.

Attunements are done remotely and take about 25 minutes and are done 5 days apart.

Kundalini Boosters 1-2-3   $25.00

These boosters strengthen and and further open the Kundalini Channel.
Each of these attunements strengthens the previously received attunements:
Kundalini Reiki 1-2-3.

With each new  booster, all Chakras, the main energy channel and the
channels in the hands are widened and strengthened. After Booster 3, your power to channel Reiki will have been increased approximately 100%

Kundalini Reiki Boosters 4-5-6   $25.00

Each of these attunements strengthens the previously received attunements and boosters: Kundalini Reiki 1-3, Boosters 1-3.

After Kundalini Reiki Booster 6, your power to channel Reiki will have been increased approx. 300%

Gold Reiki Attunements 1,2,3  $25.00

Gold Reiki Level 1

Transmutes fear and darkness into light and joy!
Golden Light is the strongest light of transformation in the physical universe!

Gold Reiki Level 2 & 3

Both levels 2 and 3 increase and fortify the 1 attunement and this also raises your vibration levels since this is light energy rather than earth energy.

Ethereal Crystals 1 – 6 attunements   $50.00

You can give a powerful crystal healing, without crystals, through this attunement as you gain access to a specific crystal’s energy and can channel it by intention.

You can place them on the body, just by pointing at a certain area of the body, and by thinking the stones name.

The stone will disappear when the energy is no longer needed.

Furthermore, you can create powerful gem elixirs in seconds and increase the strength in certain gemstones by 400 %! An Ethereal Crystal healing can stand alone or be combined with other healing methods, such as Reiki.

There are 6 levels in a full Ethereal Crystal attunement generally given in two

attunements 1 – 3 and 4 – 6. Five days between level 1-3 and 4-6.

You will be attuned to 42 different crystals and given a PDF reference guide with instructions you may follow.

Crystalline Reiki: In person only    2 sessions  $50.00

Over all of the body we have small deposits of certain crystals.
These are exit points for the traumas we have experienced through life.
Every time we put off or postpone dealing with a trauma, a crystal forms.

A trauma can be anything from a broken arm, a sprain, sorrow, etc. For example, if someone breaks their arm, a crystal forms to hold the memory of the pain and the feelings of that trauma. If there aren’t any unresolved problems or feelings behind this trauma, the crystals can be dissolved and healed. Almost every crystal around the body can be healed.

A complete treatment consists of two healing sessions.

Each session lasts around 15-25 minutes.