The power of Crystal Fusion Therapy

Developing a new healing method that is quick and has amazing results has been extremely rewarding for me. I have had many clients get up after Crystal Fusion has been done on them and they feel amazing. I had the opportunity to partner up with someone that runs an Aura 3D program and we did before and after photos of people. The results have been nothing short of amazing. 

Having a photo of the body’s metaphysical state can greatly enhance the healing experience of holistic treatments. A biofeedback-based photo renders an individual’s aura from precise human-energy readings. 

A client can see profound data that tracks the nurturing effects of healing sessions. 

Real-time software programs, such as aura imagining machines offer exclusive insight to aura-chakra health and strength.

Biosensors measure skin temperature and electrical energy as biofeedback data.  It’s as simple as putting your hand on the sensor.

Aura-cloud 3D sees current energy flow in real time.  That information can then easily stored for client profiles for future reference and treatment validation. The 3D aura imaging allows clients to instantly see and evaluate where energy is weak, strong, balanced or unbalanced, and treat accordingly.

In the photo’s below, you can see a big difference in the before (left) and after (right) a Crystal Fusion Therapy session was done. These are dramatic changes after only a 10 minute treatment. In the left photo, you can see the blues and some lackluster Chakra colors. On the right, there is a dramatic change to purple and the Chakras have intensified in color. 

The Aura 3D operator can tell you more about what the actual results mean, as they are trained in this area. I personally work with Mary Versosky from Auras and Angels. She is an excellent reader and expert in aura readings and interpretation.