Sherrie, the thanks should definitely go to you. I’m still processing all that happened during my session. I am, most of the time, an emotional, worried mess, so what happened to the left side of my body during the session is spot on!! Wow, just, wow!!!!!!!!

I have to tell you, I have social anxiety issues and am an introvert. That morning, I almost backed out. I chilled on the drive up to your hotel and when I got there, there was no anxiety at all. I didn’t have one moment the entire day where I felt like I needed to crawl into my “hamster ball” That is HUGE!

Barb, Ohio

  I contacted Sherrie Howe late June of 2013 regarding an ongoing problem that our dog, Parker was having.   Parker is 6 years old and has always been extremely frightened by thunderstorms and fireworks. Sherrie requested a good face shot photo of Parker and felt she could do a distance healing and perhaps ease some of Parker’s anxieties. We were in the midst of a thunderstorm the evening I spoke with her. I noticed Parker was more at ease and calmer than normal later that evening. Sherrie then did a second distance healing on him right before the  4th of July holiday. For the first time ever Parker was perfectly calm and did not require wearing his thunder shirt during the solid week of fireworks being set off in our neighborhood that entire week. He has not had to wear his thunder shirt since receiving his healings. I would highly recommend Ms. Howe.

Jeani Palisin
Parma, Ohio

  I have been following up with Sherrie utilizing distance healings. I want to share my experiences.

Can you feel distance Reiki? Absolutely! Each time has been a different experience for me, I believe this to be my body using the energy and applying it to where it’s needed. I’ve experienced several different things…waves of energy washing over me, something that felt just like a peaceful hug, and tingling on one side of my body. The most intense experience was waves of energy on both sides of my body and something that I can only describe as a vortex rising up in my core. I believe this to be my male and female sides becoming balanced. Since that time, I can feel a definite shift in my thinking, it’s not so ruled by emotions.

Barb, Ohio

  Both hands-on & long-distance services were rendered. Sherrie is attentive & thorough, a good listener. She is passionate about what she does. I often get a follow-up email; it is apparent that she cares about her patients.

Her Fling Away the Pain Workshop eliminated the pain in my back and knee for sometime. Of course I keep re-injuring those but the techniques she taught help a lot.

Sherrie is a through instructor and I received my Reiki 3, Master Atunement through her. I am happy to highly recommend her for both human healing and pets.

Keridak S.

  Sherry worked with me to accommodate my schedule and honored my desire to get my level II Reiki attunement. She was thorough and professional in reviewing all the materials she personally developed for her instruction. I appreciated her candor, her humor, and most of all, her kindness. I feel she went above and beyond supporting me in my character development and self-improvement.