Healing Beaker

Beaker was hatched in 1998. She has always been an anxious bird. In 2002, we purchase a house. In spring of 2003, during the spring equinox, she plucked her chest feathers. All of them! They grew back and then she did the same thing during the fall equinox. She was taken to the vet where she was given an injection to shut off her hormones, thinking she wanted ot nest. This did not work. Then she had x rays to rule out other possible issues. Nothing there. During this time, her plucking was becoming a habit. She was put on paxil, and while that subdued her a little bit, it was not worth having her on a drug that (in my opinion) was not good for her, since it is obviously not good of humans. I decided that there was nothing that could be done. Luckily, she did not destroy all the pins during all the years of plucking. In 2013, I became a Reiki master. Last year, October 2015, it came to me that maybe I should start dong Reiki on her. I proceeded to do healing on her 3-4 times a week. Some days, we would go 10 minutes…other days just a couple minutes. Non humanoid beings receive energy well and will let you know when they have had enough…they will simply walk away. After 8 months, she is as fully feathered as she will get. Nothing else changed during the course of the Reiki healings. She will still pluck occasionally, but the result is minimal and she does not dwell on it any longer.  Below is a before and after photo. Reiki is most definitely an alternative healing method.