Angelic Guidance Guys

Angelic Guidance Guys, Clayton Bowman and Gregory Moorman aka Wisconsin’s XLMedium. Check them out! They offer about anything you can think of in the spiritual realm.

Edgar Cayce Center

edgarEdgar Cayce Cures has a lot of new and exciting products for your holistic therapy needs. They have added Castor Oil healing products as well as lip balms, aroma sniffs and a large selection of Violet Ray wands. There is great information on this website as well as very informative books. I have personally used and enjoy several of these products. You will not be disappointed.

Star Woman Crystals

Star Woman Crystals has a wonderful large selection of high quality crystals and gemstones. They are very knowledgeable, kind and have a store with great energy. They offer classes, special events and so  much more. I highly recommend Star Woman Crystals for your crystal and gemstone needs. This has become my one stop shop

Auras and Angels

Mary Versosky owns and operates Auras and Angels specializing in the latest 3D Aura photography technology. She is extremely accurate with her assessment of what is going on with the energies of your Chakra system. Having a photo of the bodies metaphysical state can show you exactly what areas you need work on. Mary is a great reader and brings years of experience and intuition with her. I am happy to have partnered with her.