Crystals Part 1


I love playing with them. Crystals have different frequencies, and their strong energy fields can be used to raise your personal vibration. They can assist you in your spiritual healing journey.  Most of the stones of a higher vibration resonate most strongly within the chakras from the heart up. You have an energy field around you called an Etheric Body. Vibrations are levels of energy within your body. Your vibrations are good if the level of the vibrations in your etheric body are at the optimum level to create good health. The higher the vibrations, the better you feel. Improving your vibration improves your health, both physically and on the mental, spiritual and emotional level as well. My crystals often choose me when I’m shopping, unless I am buying specific healing crystals to compliment my Reiki practice. I quite often use them on my 3rd eye to see what I get from them before knowing about them.
Raising your vibration may allow you to make contact with beings from other dimensions and also spirits in the higher realms.  One time I bought a piece of Laramar because I was strongly attracted to it. I put it on my forehead one night when I went to bed. Within about 5 minutes, I saw big ocean waves rolling in and all of a sudden, Poseidon popped up, looked right at me and then went back under. That was so cool. The next day I looked Laramar up and discovered it is considered a “Stone of Atlantis”.   Larimar is called the Atlantis Stone, because some islands in the Caribbean, particularly the Dominican Republic, were in fact part of the sunken continent Atlantis.

My Larimar Stone…Front and Back

If you feel no tingling or warmth when you handle particular crystals, then you may already be vibrating at that particular frequency. If you have never felt anything from any crystal, then give it time and practice. Close your eyes and pick up a couple.  Do you feel anything different between the two of them? Is one colder or warmer than the other? Quiet your mind and just concentrate on a few at a time for a month or so.
While many out there consider crystal healing to be pseudoscience, my clients that I have used crystals on will tell you otherwise. My experiences with crystals have been nothing short of amazing. Buy some, play with them.  And have some fun!