Before and After energy work

After years of disputed scientific proof, Reiki is finally gaining respect and validity within the medical community. More medical facilities are offering Reiki within their integrative medicine programs. The results have been remarkable.

If you are a non believer, then you will most likely always be skeptical. Sometimes, all it takes is to have a treatment for you to change your mind. As a RMT, I like to have as much information available as possible to help people make a decision as to make the commitment to get a treatment.

As I was working a fair last weekend, there was an aura photographer in our midst. I decided it was a perfect time to present findings of before and after some energy work. My friend Keith decided to get his aura photo done and I offered to do a Crystal Fusion Reiki treatment on him if he would get a second photo done. He agreed. As I worked on him, It took me some time to bring his Sacral Chakra into balance on his masculine side. As I told him that, he said, that’s OK, I’m not an orange person anyway.

The photo on the left was before the Crystal Fusion Reiki, the one on the right was after the treatment.

As you can see, the right photo is very orange. Since I opened up his Sacral Chakra, represented by orange, it shot all the way up through his crown.

This is a clear representation showing there is a big difference in your Auric field after having energy work done on you.